Benefits Of A CNC Wood Router

The CNC wood router is the most diversified machines for woodworking which can equally produce detailed work including intricate cutouts.

Before purchasing one or making one yourself (see Carve Your Creation), you need to keep in mind the kind of equipment you want to produce. Analyze the production capacity, equipment budget and the lifespan of the equipment. You can learn much information about CNC router or wood routers from this article.

Production Capacity

Several things define the capacity of production. The most important one is the construction grade. Hobby grades, mid-grade or industrial grade are the grades. A low volume woodwork doesn’t require a high degree of intricacy. A mid-grade does the work somewhat fine but in case of a high demand for intricate work, an industrial model is necessary.

Size of the cutting table is another consideration. If you use a huge and fully loaded table, you can even produce small pieces efficiently in high volume. In case of need of large pieces, it’s also flexible to use a large table. If the available space can accommodate, try to buy a large table.

The third factor can be the machine’s cutter head. It usually contains two to five axes and models featuring more that these axes are available as well. The number of cuts the machine can make is defined by the number of axes the machine cuts on. Eventually, it determines the intricacy of work. Before purchasing, consult with the seller to get what you need.

Equipment Budget

The industrial grade routers that contain a large table and capacity of cutting determines the price. That’s why many woodworkers buy used ones.

If you want to purchase a used router from a professional seller, you might get a discount of 50 percent. If you wish to shop for a router on a budget, buying restored instrumentation is that the best selection.

If the model you wish still presents a price concern, consult the vendor regarding funding choices.

The Lifespan Of The Instrumentation

Industrial grade instruments are not like hobby grade or mid-grade. They can last longer for decades if they are maintained and used properly. A professional seller reconditions a machine before they sell it which increases the remaining lifespan.

Invest in a pre-owned industrial grade router if you want to get a reliable machine which works fine as a new machine.


  • Repeatability in case of large-scale production: traditional routers work fine in case of small-scale production but there can be human errors when it’s a large scale production. Repeatability of a CNC router is excellent and minimizes waste.
  • Able to cut intricate designs: they can produce small intricate designs at a higher rate. They can produce large designs such as stair riser easily.
  • Low injury risk: to become expert in case of a manual machine can take years whereas CNC router takes only months reducing the possibility of injury.

Though a CNC router can be a bit expensive, if you consider their benefits, they seem more beneficial as they have a good resale value as well.